About Amanda S. Trigg: Family Law Attorney

As the first member of my family to head for college, I always planned for a professional career. All of my parents’ decisions and sacrifices led me to college and then to law school. A generous merit scholarship from Brandeis University and two part-time jobs helped me to fulfill that family dream. While majoring in psychology, picking up a few law courses and spending summers working at a law firm, I discovered my strength in creative problem solving and recognized that helping people resolve conflicts would be my lifelong career. I graduated early from college and headed immediately to law school at Emory University.

After graduation, I worked at a small litigation firm in Atlanta where I started litigating cases including divorces and child support actions. Just as importantly, I started honing my skills for crafting settlements tailored to each family’s different needs. Finding customized solutions for each family became my passion.

Shortly after I married, I faced the difficult decision of whether to abandon my developing litigation career in Atlanta to follow my husband on a one-year contract for the job of his dreams in New York. I did, and the pivotal choice turned out well. My new job as a legal aid attorney in the family law department involved grueling yet rewarding years helping citizens of northern New Jersey who could not afford a lawyer to obtain domestic violence restraining orders, custody and parenting time, support and judgments of divorce. During those years, working with those families, I became more like the lawyer I wanted to be by focusing intently upon the different needs of each of the families and each of my clients’ priorities. Specializing in family law proved to be a rewarding way to connect with clients who were in search of solutions. Identifying the unique qualities of each family enables me to find the best route for that family.

Over the years of my law practice, I have handled a complete range of family law cases, from simple adoptions to complicated divorces. The success of each case comes from the partnership that I form with my client. As a team, each client and I identify the issues which matter most in each family, find reasonable compromises that feel comfortable to my client and bring relief and finality to daily life. When my clients move happily and confidently into the next phase of their lives, and can be happy at home again, we have succeeded.